FY16 CoC Competition: Scoring and Ranking Results

The Springfield-Hampden County Continuum of Care Scoring and Ranking Committee met this morning and completed its review of all renewal and newly-submitted projects. As a reminder, the Committee follows the scoring and ranking guidelines set out in the CoC Application Selection and Ranking Process 2016 guidance approved by the Board of Directors at its July 15, 2016 meeting. The completed 2016 Program Scoresheet shows the scores for each project, as well as the individual item scores that add up to the total.

The projects that will be included in the FY2016 competition and the rank order and tier for each project are as follows:

  1. HMIS
  2. Catholic Charities RRH
  3. Catholic Charities RRH 2
  4. Catholic Charities RRH 3
  5. FOH Coordinated Assessment
  6. Gandara SHINE RRH
  7. HAP RRH
  8. HRU Next Step 2
  9. MHA Annie’s House
  10. VOC Scattered Site Family Support
  11. HRU Next Step
  12. Open Pantry Tranquility House
  13. RVCC HIV/AIDS Residential Support
  14. MHA S+C SRA 48
  16. MHA S+C SRA 13
  18. FOH Worthington House Campus
  19. MHA S+C Recovery
  20. FOH PSH
  21. CHD Project Performance
  22. HAP Turning Point
  23. SMOC Bowdoin Street
  24. Gandara SHINE Program

Projects 1 through 20 and part of project 21 are placed in Tier 1. The remaining projects are in Tier 2.




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