Message from national Zero 2016 folks

OK, friends…

If you were with us in Tulsa two weeks ago, you know that some major insights surfaced there. As I’ve reflected on our time together, there are three important issues I want to follow up on:

  1. You may be misunderstanding the VI-SPDAT, or worse, misusing it. If you’re using the tool in a standalone capacity or making local housing decisions solely based on VI-SPDAT score, I wrote this short blog post for you. Please read it, then save the date on November 9th at 3pm ET for a webinar on using the VI-SPDAT to support prioritization with your by-name list.
  2. We need a deeper conversation about race and equity in our sector, and we need to make sure our work to end homelessness is acknowledging and combatting racism, not perpetuating it. Get started by watching this excellent panel discussion from Tulsa, featuring Marc Dones and Jeff Olivet from the Center for Social Innovation.
  3. I cannot emphasize it enough: the key to ending homelessness is realtime, by-name data. (The Jacksonville team’s by-name list case conferencing workshop may have been the best conference session I’ve ever seen…) If you still don’t have a quality by-name list, please use our veterans and chronic by-name list scorecards to help you identify the right path to improvement.

That’s it from me this week. Good luck in your collaboratives, and thanks for the hard work you are doing to solve an old and very complex problem.




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