Homelink Demonstration

Come learn about Homelink, our data-sharing system for collaborating to provide housing and services to chronically homeless individuals. We’ll have the system live for demonstration, and talk about how community partners can use it to coordinate services.

Date: Friday, Nov. 4, 2016

Time: 9:30 – 10:30 am

Location: Springfield Municipal Operations Center, 70 Tapley St., Springfield

Homelink is our community’s shared database of chronically homeless individuals in Hampden County. We are able to use this database to share information by a group of homeless service providers because individuals sign a release of information form allowing the named organizations to share information.

Agencies that are not listed on the release of information cannot access full information, but they can still participate in a more limited way. Referring agencies can input new individuals, and can check to see if a particular person is on the list. If someone is on the list, the system will show name and contact information for the primary caseworker in the community working with the individual.


One thought on “Homelink Demonstration”

  1. Looks like the “ending…1 person at a time” may truly be upon us here in Hampden. Accountability has all ways been an issue for me. This, along with ‘RAFT for the individual’ both look promising (to this author). Thanks for your efforts here & elsewhere!


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