INVITE: Built for Zero Team Learning Session, April 25-26, Wash.,DC

In 2017, Community Solutions will be coaching Built for Zero communities (like ours!) through 4-month Action Cycles. Based on the model of the Rapid Results Institute, the cycles will consist of learning-planning-doing-assessing.

The first Action Cycle will kick off with a two-day team learning session in Washington, DC on April 25-26. CoCs are encouraged to send teams of 4-8 people to the learning session to create the CoC’s action plan for May through August.

Should you be part of the Springfield-Hampden County team? Take a look at the built-for-zero-informational-calls materials to learn more. Community Solutions suggests the following possible team members:

  • CoC Representative or Key Leader
  • Data Collection & Sharing Person
  • Potential Chronic Team Participants
    • Homeless service provider that serves chronically homeless
    • Street outreach program administrator
    • Permanent supportive housing provider
    • Housing authority representative
  • Potential Veteran Team Participants
    • VAMC homeless service provider
    • HUD-VASH program manager
    • VA outreach/social worker
    • SSVF provider
    • Veteran service provider
    • Housing authority representative

Community Solutions will pay for at least two individuals to attend, and the CoC expects to be able to sponsor others (not sure how many yet, but we’re working on it!). If you are interested in being part of our CoC’s team, please contact to discuss.

We’ve done great work in the last year–this is a terrific opportunity to push ourselves to the next level. Come join our team!


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