New Schedule for REACH Case Conferencing Meetings

Our team that traveled to Denver has proposed that we experiment with a new schedule for case conferencing meetings:

  1. Week 1 (1st Tues. of month): Review By-Name List
  2. Week 2 (2nd Tues.): Review Individuals At Risk of Chronic Homelessness
  3. Week 3 (3rd Tues.): Review People Who Have Been on By-Name List for a Long Time
  4. Week 4 (4th Tues.): Review Long-Term Shelter Stayers Who Are Not Chronic (because not disabled)

We are already trying this out. We met last week to identify and discuss those at risk of chronic homelessness, and today we will focus on those who have been on the by-name list for a long time.

We will try out this meeting format through November, and then evaluate and see if this is working to help advance us toward our goal of reducing the number of people on our chronic by-name list by 50% by the end of January 2018. (The 4th meeting works on another goal–which is reducing our average length of stay in shelter.)


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