Board of Directors Meeting: Feb. 2, 2018, 1-3 pm

The Board of Directors will meet Friday, Feb. 2, 1-3 pm at the Springfield Municipal Operations Center – conference room, 70 Tapley St., Springfield. The meeting is open.

The meeting agenda:

  1. Minutes. Review of the 11-17-2017 meeting minutes.
  2. Statewide Data Sharing.
    • Presentation and discussion: We will be joined by Linn Torto and Emily Cooper (both from the state) and Ryan Burger (HUD technical assistance) to answer our questions and discuss this project, which we talked about at our November meeting.
    • ACTION ITEM: We will vote at this meeting about whether our CoC will participate in the data-sharing initiative.
  3. Coordinated Entry Policies and Procedures.
    • Update on Warehouse and CAS
    • ACTION ITEM: We will vote on Changes to Coordinated Entry Policies and Procedures*
  4. Updates.
    • 2017 CoC Competition
    • Network funding
    • Cold weather response
    • Update re people displaced by 2017 hurricanes

* Summary of key changes to Coordinated Entry Policies and Procedures:

  • Rapid rehousing assistance – household maximum income increased from 30% AMI to 50% AMI.
  • Rapid rehousing short-term (3 month assistance) provided to individuals/youth with VISPDAT score 0-7; rapid rehousing medium-term (12 month assistance) provided to individuals/youth with 90 days in shelter and VISPDAT score of 4-7.
  • Timing of VISPDAT assessment: can be done at any time, but, at a minimum, should be completed:
    • Unsheltered – upon first contact
    • Veterans and youth – within 15 days of shelter entry
    • Sheltered individuals – within 30 days of shelter entry
    • Families – upon reaching chronic status
  • Policies and procedures incorporate standards for prioritization previously approved by Board of Directors



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