FY2018 CoC Competition Awards

HUD has released the FY2018 CoC Competition Awards. These are for grants that will start July 1, 2019.  All existing programs has been renewed, and we have been awarded two new grants. Here are our FY2018 grants:


  • Catholic Charities RRH, $465,652
  • CHD Family PSH, $362,647
  • CSO-FOH Coordinated Assessment, $250,000
  • CSO-FOH PSH, $246,806
  • Gandara SHINE RRH, $415,760
  • MHA Consolidated S+C, $645,696
  • RVCC CoC Program, $316,661
  • SMOC – Bowdoin/Tranquility Home, $65,373
  • Viability Next Step, $531,169
  • VOC Scattered Site Family Supportive Housing, $131,271
  • Way Finders Turning Point, $65,112

New Projects

  • CHD PSH Family Expansion, $222,945
  • DV Coordinated Entry (YWCA and Womanshelter), $288,263

Also, funds to operate the CoC

  • HMIS, $61,992
  • CoC Planning Project, $119,619
  • UFA Costs Project, $79,745

Our total grant is $4,218,711, an 11% increase over our FY17 grant.

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