FY19 CoC Application for Public Review and Comment

The CoC’s FY19 application is due to HUD on September 30, 2019. The full application is posted here for public review and comment. Please direct any comments to gmccafferty@springfieldcityhall.com.

CoC Application:

Project applications, in ranked order:

  1. HMIS  $61,992
  2. DV Coordinated Entry $230,263
  3. CSO-FOH Coordinated Assessment $243,000
  4. Viability Next Step $529,169
  5. CHD Family PSH $575,592
  6. RVCC CoC Program $310,661
  7. VOC Scattered Site Family Supportive Housing $127,271
  8. MHA Consolidated S+C $641,696
  9. Catholic Charities RRH $445,652
  10. CSO-FOH PSH $241,806
  11. Gandara SHINE RRH $385,379
  12. Way Finders Turning Point $65,112
  13. SMOC Bowdoin Tranquility $61,373
  14. MHA PSH Expansion $100,381
  15. YWCA DV RRH $377,989

Projects 1-11 are rnked in Tier 1. Projects 12-15 are ranked in Tier 2.

Unranked projects:


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