FY21 CoC Competition: Project Selection and Ranking

The CoC Review and Ranking Committee has completed its work. The following projects have been selected to be included in our CoC application to HUD for funding:

Tier 1  
2.CSO-FOH Coordinated Entry$243,000
3.DV Coordinated Entry$230,263
4.VOC Family PSH$133,367
5.MHA CoC PSH$778,027
6.Gandara RRH$385,828
7.MHA Chestnut St $119,790
8.Way Finders Turning Point$67,809
9.CHD Family PSH$594,035
10.CSO FOH PSH$251,329
11.RVCC CoC Program$324,797
12.Viability Next Step$539,633
13.Catholic Charities RRH$408,130
Tier 2  
14.YWCA TH-RRH$721,631
15.VOC Family PSH Expansion$77,761
16.Catholic Charities RRH Expansion$191,482

In addition, HUD is automatically renewing all YHDP projects.


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