FY22 CoC Competition Final Project Ranking

The CoC Application Scoring and Ranking Committee met on September 7 and 9th to review, score and rank project applications. The Committee has selected the following projects to be included in the CoC’s consolidated application to HUD:

Tier 1
2CSO-FOH Coordinated Entry$243,000
3DV Coordinated Entry$230,263
4YWCA-Alianza TH-RRH$685,148
5MHA Chestnut St$119,790
6MHA CoC PSH$777,211
7MHA Next Step$538,673
8CHD Family PSH$589,259
9RVCC CoC Program$324,797
10Gandara SHINE RRH$381,340
11Way Finders Turning Point$67,809
12Way Finders Safe Step$211,891
13CSO-FOH PSH$249,983
14Catholic Charities RRH3$383,731
Tier 2
15VOC Family PSH$211,128
16HMIS Expansion$176,000

The Committee’s explanation of the basis for its decisions is provided in the memorandum below, which was sent to all the providers.


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