Seeking volunteers for Built for Zero Learning Session, Oct. 10-11 in Detroit

The next Built for Zero Learning Session will take place in Detroit October 10 and 11.

The focus is really turning toward using the time between sessions to carry out improvement projects. This Learning Session will share what other communities are doing to improve, and we will plan our own improvement projects.

To attend this conference on behalf of the CoC, you must commit to lead an improvement project during the period October through January/February. The improvement projects will be decided by the team, but will be focused on changing (improving!) our system’s response for veterans and people experiencing chronic homelessness.

Are you in? If so, please send an email expressing your interest to

The CoC will pay travel, hotel, and meals for 2-6 people to attend.



CoC RFP seeking partners for Homeless Youth Program

The CoC issued a Request for Proposals seeking partners for the state’s Homeless Youth Program on August 6, 2018. Unfortunately, there was a technical issue with that procurement that barred the CoC from considering all proposals. To ensure that there is open competition for providers to be considered as partners with the CoC for this funding opportunity, the City is substituting a new RFP for this opportunity.

Request for Proposals for Homeless Youth Services August 31 2018

The CoC’s deadline with the state remains the same (September 10, 2018), so this RFP is open for a short time. Responses are due by September 5, 2018 at 4 pm. The substance of the RFP is the same as the previous bid. Respondents to the previous bid may resubmit the response they prepared for the previous bid for this new RFP opportunity. Entities that did not respond to the initial RFP are also welcome to apply.

The CoC will be in direct contact with all applicants who submitted bids for the initial procurement.



FY2018 CoC Competition: Announcement of Project Awards and Ranking

The CoC Application Committee has completed its work for the FY2018 competition. Thank you to committee members Alvina Brevard (DHCD), Karen Dean (Hampden County Sheriff’s Department), Alicia Zoeller (City of Holyoke), Pamela Schwartz (Western Mass Network to End Homelessness) and Gerry McCafferty (City of Springfield)!

The Committee has recommended full funding for all renewal projects, and has ranked all renewals ahead of newly proposed projects. Please note that one project did not apply for renewal–that project is Way Finder’s RRH project, which had been funded at $154,321. Existing participants in that program will leave through attrition over the next year, so the non-renewal will not result in displacement of households.

The CoC’s application will include two projects included as part of the DV Bonus: a DV-coordinated entry project, and DV-RRH project. The application will also include projects seeking regular Bonus funds: a PSH project for chronically homeless families, and a joint TH-RRH project for youth.

PROJECT RANKING – projects above the line are Tier 1; below the line are Tier 2

  1. HMIS, $61,992
  2. CSO-FOH Coordinated Entry, $250,000
  3. MHA Consolidated S+C, $611,652
  4. Viability Next Step, $517,129
  5. Catholic Charities RRH, $447,976
  6. CHD Family PSH, $347,761
  7. RVCC CoC Program, $303,485
  8. Way Finders Turning Point, $62,589
  9. SMOC Bowdoin-Tranquility, $63,926
  10. Gandara Shine RRH, $405,200
  11. CSO-FOH PSH Springfield, $237,613

  12. VOC Family PSH, $125,559
  13. DV Coordinated Entry (YWCA and Womanshelter), $246,987
  14. CHD Family PSH Expansion, $213,240
  15. Gandara Joint TH-RRH, $180,343
  16. YWCA DV RRH, $151,743

CoC Competition – Notice of Reallocation Funds Available – $154,321

This notice is informing applicants in the Springfield-Hampden County CoC FY2018 Competition that, in addition to Bonus funds and DV competition funds available, there are also reallocation funds newly available.

The program Way Finders Rapid Rehousing had notified the CoC that it is not applying for renewal. As you may recall, the CoC issued an RFP for a provider to take over this program. No provider responded to the RFP. This program is now scheduled to end June 30, 2019, and the funds may be reallocated to a new program.

The amount of funds freed up for reallocation is $154,321. All new projects will be considered for reallocation funds – including funds submitted as bonus or DV projects.

CoC competition applications are due August 15, 2018 at 4 pm.

CoC RFP seeking partners for Homeless Youth Program

The City of Springfield, on behalf of the Springfield-Hampden County Continuum of Care, has issued a request for proposals (RFP) seeking partners to provide Core Services and Winter Response an part of an application for state funds to operate a Homeless Youth Program in Hampden County.

Use the links below to access the RFP and Addendum No. 1 to the RFP. Responses are due August 29, 2018, and the CoC will hold a bidders’ conference on August 17, 20018, 10 am at the Springfield Municipal Operations Center, 70 Tapley St., Springfield.